About Us

Sweet Bequia Homes is in the dreams business - we’re here to make your dreams come true. We promise a tropical hideaway of the highest order, with five-star amenities and doting, personalized service, but in a way that’s positively unique.

We’ve all imagined kicking up our heels in a picture-postcard retreat, crystal-clear shimmering sea and white sand all around; but what about in one that truly respects its surroundings?

Sweet Bequia Homes’ fabulous island abodes are environmentally-friendly, solar-powered, and serene, bringing fantasy to fruition for all types of travellers and budgets, from $50 USD per day.


The freshest tropical fruit you could ever imagine; world-class sailing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba; hiking, bird watching and strolling the beach by day; live music, chill-chill bars and exquisite seafood restaurants by night… that’s Bequia.

And with daytime temps between 24C (75F) and 30C (86F) year-round, and t-shirt-and-jeans weather after dark, we’re a sunny outdoor paradise perfectly situated just south of the region’s main storm belt.

The climate is perfection, the hills verdant and lush - abloom with Hibiscus, Poui, Bougainvillea, Spanish Tash, Frangipani and other such beauties - and Sweet Bequia Homes can indeed promise you a heavenly home for short- or long-term holiday.
The rest is up to you.

This is barefoot living at its best. Nothing beats walking shoeless through your tropical home with amazing long range views of the Caribbean’s turquoise-blue sea.