Guest Reviews

Hear what the sojourners to Sweet Bequia Homes have to say…

Tranquility is the most unique villa we’ve come across in the western hemisphere and its the best restaurant in Bequia. Thank you Doro. Such a relaxing peaceful vacation. We will miss Tranquility. One life!

Tranquility is like a perfectly orchestrated symphony...nature, architecture, ambience and the beautiful spirit of Doro all makes this place unforgettable. Thank you! My family and I have been fortunate enough to travel a great part of the world and Tranquility has won a special place in our memory and hearts.

Moonhole is an enchantment of arboreal quiet and isolation. The spectacular beauty of green almost jungle and exuberance of bloom frames the azure sea deep below better than a renaissance masterpiece, speaking of Europe the romance and mystery of this stone house open to the sea on so many levels recalls the medieval hill towns of southern France. A sojourn of Tranquility Villa soothes the soul and its beauty offers transcendence for the sprits. The body is also extremely well fed in a part of the world not known for its culinary superlatives, chef Doro is a rare and wonderful treat. Three times a day she made us very happy, but in particular pay attention to her superb Callalou soup. These green soups abound in the caribbean but Doro’s lobster callalou is where France meets Bequia. Bon Appetit!!!!! The coconut sauce on her red snapper is silky smooth and her hospitality in general is delightful. One feels well cared for here in this magical forest dwelling above the sea.

Tranquility Villa is amazing, truly spectacular…….. sort of a playhouse for enjoyment of nature’s greatest art……. moon light, crashing waves, cliffs, birds, sunsets, ocean breeze… all top with Dora’s splendid island cuisine and genuine care. We loved it all.

Stillness and Tranquility provides order nothing is done nothing is left undone the limitless vastness of ocean and sky do nothing and leave nothing undone without desire is Tranquility

Bedrooms to die for, friendly wonderful spot thank you Doro and all the troops for making it such a special time. The views are nothing short of spectacular. Thanks again.

We take wonderful memories with us as we leave this paradise. It has been a dream come true. The house is everything we hoped it would be, the water was warm and inviting and the weather was delightful. Doro was a pleasure to have about and served us until our tummies burst. She was attentive and helpful in many ways. We hope to visit again.

Bequia is a special place. I am fortunate to have experienced this island. Everything is perfectly wonderful. Tranquility is magical. The memories from here are unforgettable.

Without a doubt, Moonhole is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and Tranquility Villa the most unique home I have ever stayed in (or unique among 20 anywhere). We’ve had a great week here am I’m sorry to have to pack. Tom and I will certainly miss the sunrise over Petit Nevis every morning.

We’ve had an amazing week in Tranquility Villa. So, peaceful truly special. Many thanks to Dora and Harry for all their care and help. We hope to be back soon.


  • Step 1. Wake up with the parrots at sunrise and have a cocktail
  • Step 2. Have lunch with the Blackbirds (and a cocktail)
  • Step 3. Take a nap
  • Step 4. Invite the Black Birds for dinner, have a cocktail and gaze at the moon and drift to sleep.
  • Step 5. Repeat.

Island life is the life at Tranquility Villa, Moonhole, Bequia is a heaven on earth. Doro brought our taste buds to life. Harry thank god was there with a smile to carry our luggage. They were both a delight. Thank you for a visual, gustatory and sensory feast.

Dora and Hyacinth have made our stay so comfortably, warm and delicious! Thank you for your friendliness and sweetness! We had 2 perfect birthdays celebrations at Tranquility. Everyday was exhilarating, full of beauty and fun. We feel as if we have been in a true paradise. It could not have been a better setting for friends to be together and relax

Incredible week in Tranquility paradise. The schedule was grueling! wake, nap, breakfast, nap, read, nap, snorkel, nap, read, eat, nap, repeat. Dora and Hyacinth could not have been better. We would pass the word on the sweetness of Tranquility. As Jimmy said yesterday morning. I am talking to my god. What are you telling him Jimmy? I’m telling him what a beautiful place he has here.

Thank you for a piece of paradise- the view from throughout the lovely home unlike no other anywhere we’ve been, one with nature throughout day and evening-again thank you. Dora is truly a wonderful representation of the Bequians’ outreach to visitors. She was gracious always and presented our meals with truly a master chief style.

What a wonderful second visit. Our families has fallen in love with this exotic paradise two years in a row. Everything from the beach, to the food and the talking parrots has been truly a memorable experience once again. Thank you so much and we hope to return again very soon.

Once you arrive here to the shock of every fabulous aspect of the villa and extraordinary beauty of the surroundings, you may not want to leave the premises.

We had a great time in your wonderful home. We loved everything, the wilderness, the exotic, the friendship, the food, the pool, the beach, the sunset, the books, the nature….. and your parrots.

Tranquility is a rare and elusive commodity in this world…….. this unique house has bathed us in for 15 long lazy days. Thank you Lusan, Sasha, Hyacinth, Harry Jed and the boys for making everything perfect. We will take away memories of distant islands, turquoise seas, the cooling breeze and candle lit evenings…. those memories will be what make us return. Living here has made me remembered those Gerald Durrell Books…..I never thought I would see my boys share their breakfast with a parrot, see my wife fight a land crab in the kitchen or watch an iguana climb a tree….magic. We have caught tuna,barracuda and silver fish (thank you Sasha for making the first two taste so wonderful) and watch diving birds make it look so easy. Everyone who has signed this book over the years has fallen in love with this house, this island and its smiling people—— lets us all hope that it doesn’t change and we will all know that there is somewhere left in this world that is truly tranquil.

We hoped for a magical, remote,unspoiled,beautiful,unique and romantic place for our honeymoon; this charming island and stunning retreat delivered just what was required…and more. Thank you Marva for the beautiful food night after night. We were looked after superbly and have reached a comatose state of relaxation. This is a real gem in the Caribbean.

Unique Spot! Great to have been here. Lovely hospitality, superb food, great views and Sea Horses in Moonhole Bay.

Great food, great fun, spirited people! Love it!!

Pretty close to Nirvana. A beautiful respite from the winter Vigours of Maine.

Thoroughly enchanted and relaxed by this unique place and our
unforgettable sojourn here. Denise has charmed us with her gentle warmth and beguiled us with her delectable cuisine. Bequia is sweet, sweet, sweet, and Burke House is the icing on the cake.

This was a celebration of 10 years of marriage. I couldn’t asked for a more perfect way to spend it. Burke House has the most beautiful views that are unbelievable! We will miss Marva and her smile and her fantastic cooking.

Escaping the Canadian and German freezing winter. We enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing week at this beautiful spot of the world. We will miss Marva and the outstanding food. Thank you for this wonderful Caribbean experience.

We arrived to a lovely clean home and quickly settled in. We enjoyed the short stroll to the main town and the shops, bars, etc. My favorite walk was along the Belmont walkway where we explored and swam at several nice sandy beaches also looking for shells. It was wonderful to wake up and collect several mangos for breakfast. Thank you it was a great two months. We will be back!!!

It has been a fantastic place for our honeymoon, everything within our reach – we didn’t need a car rental. We spent most of our time chilling on the nearby beach swimming and soaking up the sun.

I left New York airport with heavy winter clothes on and by the end of the day I was at Plumrose and swimming in the Caribbean. I spent time reading on the beach and had most dinners in town – a short walk away. The house has screens on the doors and windows and, combined with the cool breeze blowing, it makes for ideal living.

I was nervous as I am 75, have just had a hip replacement and need to be a bit careful moving about. I wanted a place that had easy access and didn’t require a car or taxis. We found Plumrose online. It turned out just as described and provided both a lovely home and the base for the best vacation ever. We enjoyed the easy access to the beaches, shops, banks, etc. Doro was great fun and full of information, such as where to get fresh provisions. We will be back and will be spreading the word – Plumrose is our place to stay on Bequia!!!! Many thanks,

I left New York airport with heavy winter clothes on and by the end of the day I was at Plumrose and swimming in the Caribbean. I spent time reading on the beach and had most dinners in town – a short walk away. The house has screens on the doors and windows and, combined with the cool breeze blowing, it makes for ideal living.